The Gamma Terra Gazette

Heavy Cloud Cover & Rain, High 21c    September 25 299 AA    Circulation 1, Volume 1, Issue  11

 Weeshing Day Festivities Already Started

  Following in a tradition that has been around since the Apocalypse, and possibly earlier, people have been preparing their Weeshes in what can only be called “a frenzy of extreme artistic color” this year.
  By all indications, this year will be one of the most memorable to date.  “The rate that silks and brightly colored strings are flying off the shelves is amazing”, remarked Shnar Floz – a shopkeeper in Eau Claire.  Even expensively priced Janis silk is being used more widely than before.
  Certainly Oct 1st can be thought of as a celebration of life, but it is more than that.  It is a celebration of community… of harmony.  And let’s be honest… of showmanship.  Usually the best looking Weesh gets some sort of recognition, whether it is a token note in a local paper or even a small monetary sum.

 Duffel Bag Returned – After 13 Years

  It's taken 13 years, but Frankee Keatee finally has his duffel bag back.
  He lost it while on a wagon train ride travelling from Mewakekee to Eau Claire.
  Last Friday Mr. Keatee received the Duffel Bag in the mail from Eau Claire central office, where it was found on a shelf in a security office.
  "I was amazed," Mr. Keatee said. "I had forgotten all about it."
  The briefcase contained a birthday present for his pet cat, then turning one year old, some clothes and a small cake cooked by his sister which was given to him in case he got hungry on the trip.
  Jef Gren, owner of this particular wagon train company, said it was "certainly an unusual case."
  "It is certainly not a standard practice, but we're glad we got it back to him. Sorry it took 13 years," Gren said.
  Keatee said he gave his cat, Claws, the present anyway.  “Even though Claws is almost blind and doesn’t move much anymore, I think she’d still enjoy a box of crumpled silver paper” said Keatee.
  When asked about the cake, Keatee said that it tasted as good as it would have if he would have eaten it 13 years ago – he ate it as soon as he found the cake inside the bag.
  The incident should give hope to all travelers who have lost items in transit, Keatee said.  

 Heavy rains in Weescawsn

  Heavy rains that have been falling for the last 2 weeks in Weescawsn have dampened the land, but not the spirit of the people living there.  “Nothing will get in the way of a good Weeshing day party” says 12 year old Larszon of New Londawn.  A sentiment which is shared by people across the land.
  People are warned to stay away from streams and rivers which are flowing with fast running water due to the excess run off water.  People are also warned to watch their footing when walking in unknown areas.  A broken ankle can ruin anyone’s day – even if it is Weeshing Day.

Pre-Apocalypse Radioactivists

  From the vaults of the Horn Chapter of Reformed Radioactivists, this rare photograph proves that fortune telling using animals was a belief held dear to the Ancients as well as to modern day humanoid Radioactivists.
  Note that this picture most likely depicts a telling of good fortune.  Obviously the man beside the bird was waiting for a sign and when the bird beneficially mutated… he wanted to tell the world!