The Gamma Terra Gazette

Heavy Cloud Cover & Rain, High 20c    October 1 299 AA    Circulation 1, Volume 1, Issue  12

 Weeshing Day Horror

   In the quiet city of Koon, late afternoon Weeshing Day celebrants were horrified to watch their Weeshing Well fall into a large gaping hole that had just opened up beneath it.  Shortly after that, what can only be described as a “scaly demon” appeared beside the hole, snatched up a 4 year old girl, and then disappeared again – presumably it went back down the hole and returned to the hellish abode from whence it came.
   When Areag Etalewyn heard what had happened, she broke down in tears and pleaded that someone find her daughter, Galaleldric, and bring her back.
   Within about an hour, the Mayor of Koon organized a large search party and went down the hole in search of Galaleldric and the demon.
   Two hours have passed since the search party left and they have not been heard from yet.
   Galaleldric’s family is hopeful she’ll be found and brought back to them in good health and good spirits.

 Ocurd Abecan Hurts Pitching Arm and other man dies - in Bizarre Bar Accident

  Ocurd Abecan may have to spend the next 3 months on the sidelines as he hurt his pitching arm while at a bar yesterday.
  Ocurd, the 3rd best pitcher in the Weescawsn Basno league, was lifting his two-pint tankard to his mouth at Kren’s Bar & Grille when he pulled two muscles in his pitching arm.
  The sudden pain and loss of muscle strength caused Mr. Abecan to drop his beer – which in turn spilled all over his lap.  The surprise of the cold and bubbling liquid in his lap caused him to jump up and accidentally bump into a passing waiter.  The waiter in turn splashed a glass of milk he was carrying onto the face of another bar patron.  Unfortunately, the other bar patron appeared to have a severe milk allergy and suffocated a few minutes later when his whole neck and face swelled up.   The dead man has not yet been identified.
  When later asked about the tragedy, Ocurd would only shake his head and mourn the loss of two good pints of beer.

 Koon Squatters Disease Hits Two Day Before Weeshing Day

  As rare as it is to see one person come down with Squatters Disease, two people came down with it simultaneously in the late hours of Sep 30th.
  Luckily for the current enlarged population of Upper Koon City, the stricken were immediately put into solitary confinement - before they could spread the disease.
  The disease progressed as normal, with general weakness and a bright red coloring of the eyes until death took both victims about 2.5 hours later.
  The 2 victims, both visitors to Upper Koon, were incinerated before possession could take place.
  There hasn’t been an occurrence of Squatters Disease in almost 14 months.
  City inhabitants are reminded to stay away from anyone who seems to have contracted Squatters Disease.  Once a person displays the “Red Eye” symptom, they should be considered highly contagious and avoided at all cost.  Contact city constabulary as soon as you suspect someone has contracted the disease.

Last Game Highlights:

Oct  1,299:
 - At 6:20pm, wishing well in Upper Koon city falls in, at 6:32pm a Rac-lizard climbs out of the hole, and takes little a girl standing near the top.
 - All 5 characters volunteer to help with another 15 from the city.  When get into hole, they find 3 exits and get split into party.
 - Meet up with Rac-lizards, kill them and find girl.  Investigate living area.