The Gamma Terra Gazette

Clear & Breezy, High 25c    October 6 299 AA    Circulation 1, Volume 1, Issue  13

 Teledyne Item Auction

   Chicako residents are gearing up for the auction of the decade.  As mentioned in the Sept 11 Gazette, a rare Teledyne artifact is currently on display in Chicako and will be auctioned off on October 14th.
   The heavily guarded artifact is receiving upwards of 500 viewers per day.  It was even higher before the first of the month - a nominal viewing fee of 2 blue domars started being charged on Oct 1st.
   The auction is 9 days off and 6 people have already placed their 2000 domar deposit.  It is not surprising that people are now estimating that the final selling price will exceed 4500 domars.

Janice Seen Up North

   A small band of Janice was spotted near the town of Ladysmith.  The normally reclusive creatures have all but disappeared recently, with the last verified sighting occurring on Sept 14th.
   No one knows why they have gone into hiding, but everyone hopes that they will return soon.  Their raw silk as well as their exquisite hand woven garments and quilts were highly sought after – even before they disappeared.

 She's not mutated - family's first in over 230 years

   The family of newly born Jerayder Drirawyn was in quiet seclusion today - she was born shortly after midnight this morning.  It appears that Jerayder is pure human – with no physical mutations and no detectable mental pre-powers.  In fact a white hand and two espers were called in to verify the apparent normalcy of the newborn.  Both confirmed that she was 100% non-mutated.
   The family has long been known to follow Radioactivist ideals and certainly would consider this a bad omen.
   Wicemond, the childs father, told close family members that he is resigned to the fact the Jer would be an outcast.
   Meanwhile, the local chapter of the Knights of Genetic Purity have called for a celebration in honor of the child’s birth.  It is suspected that there may be some confrontations centered around the celebration with non-Knight members.
   More details to follow.

 Army near Ojibwa

   A small army is gathering near the remote town of Ojibwa, located a few days ride due north of Eau Claire.
   The army seems to be comprised of well-equipped and well-organized humans.  
   Due to the tents and other structures being erected, it is assumed that the army is digging in.  Oddly enough, there is no reason to “dig in” at that location.  The area is not heavily populated and there is no strategic or economic reason to be there.

Literary Contest Heating Up

   The Chicako Barony Offices have been swamped by submissions to the Baron’s literary contest.
   “By all indications, there are many talented writers out there” said Legiron Poeli, one of the 3 judges that has been reading the submissions as they have been coming in.
   All short stories must be delivered to the Barony Offices by 6pm on Oct 15th.

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