The Gamma Terra Gazette

Clear, High 23c    October 13 299 AA    Circulation 1, Volume 1, Issue  14

Chickako Archivists Still Following Leads   

   Following up on a story first reported on September 14th, the Chickako branch of the Archivists are still examining leads relating to theft of the centerpiece of their main altar.
   Speaking on condition of anonymity, one senior member indicated there have been multiple reliable pieces of information that indicate that a very unique plate from the centerpiece was found in Rokfurd on September 20th and part of a covering wrap was found in Madson on Oct 3rd.
   Local authorities in Rokfurd and Madson have been aiding in the investigation, although no concrete leads have surfaced.
   The Archivists are still hopeful that their centerpiece will be returned in good order.

Biretrem Theater Struggles with 'Heavy' Ballerina

   Mewakekee’s Biretrem Theater was embroiled in a high-profile row on Thursday with a sugar loving ballerina it says is too heavy for ballet partners to lift.
   Frerilin Ocila, one of Mewakekee’s best-known ballerinas, says the theater contacted her 12 hours before she was due to perform last week telling her not to turn up.
   She told local reporters on Thursday she had been sacked.
   But the prestigious theater denies dismissing her. It says it has offered her a new contract but cannot find her a partner for ballets which require lifting.
   "None of the male soloists at the Biretrem Theater agrees to dance with her, particularly in her current physical state," Biretrem Theater Kaerac Aberaron said.
   Ocila, who is taller than most ballerinas, admits being partial to ice cream.      "I love ice cream so much that I can't imagine life without it," she said in at a recent news conference.

Recent Raids Reducing Trade Between Oshkosh and Greebai

   Some of the normally peaceful herdsmen of the island north east of Oshkosh have suddenly turned to banditry.  The bandits raid the trade route between Oshkosh and Greebai running along the western shore of Lake Oshkosh. 
   The rouges appear out of the silt of the surrounding marsh riding round, sail powered, levitating platforms.  Once on the oad, they attack the caravans and then disappear back to into the marsh with their booty and slaves. 
   The raids have been happening for about 2 years now, but have recently become more frequent, more audacious and more violent.  The raiders don’t seem the care what losses they incur or inflict.
   Reports from surviving caravans claim that the raids are usually led by lizard men who command human and animal followers to do their bidding.  Strangely enough, caravan guards captured in previous raids are joining the raiders and helping them raid other caravans.  Unfortunately, the raiders fight to the death, so no prisoners have thus far been taken for interrogation.

City razes building by mistake -- again

    The city of Chicako is being accused for at least the second time this year of tearing down a building by mistake — but this time, city officials seem somewhat more willing to take the blame.
   Woegord Kigoli filed a notice of claim against the city in late August, stating that his five-stagon stable at 65 Clifford Ave. was erroneously demolished in May, and with it tools and riding implements estimated to be worth about 2,822 domars. The stable itself has a replacement value of roughly 7,560 domars, according to the claim.
   Kigoli could not be reached for comment.
   The intended target, a vacant carriage house believed to be at 55 Clifford Ave., was easy to miss, said Community Development Commissioner Linda Stango. For one thing, it was obscured by a house. For another, it wasn’t actually on Clifford Avenue. “When you’re looking for a Clifford Avenue address, you look for something on Clifford Avenue,” Stango said.  


Bran "Scan" Tulgrim, beloved friend of Czin Kzanti, passed on during a particularly brutal encounter with an “unfriendly” robot in the early hours of Oct 9, 299.  Bran, not so beloved friend of Dunkin-Dee Riddlefork, was trying to escape from a storage room that he and Dunkin-Dee were hiding in.  The human became a laser shish kabob when he moved into the line of sight of a robot they recently irritated.  Unfortunately, attempting to feign death did not stop its arrival; Bran passed on shortly thereafter.  When asked why he seemed to get away unharmed, Dunkin said he wasn’t too sure about that, but he one sure that one less human in the world can only make it better.

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