Special Ops Bulletins

Clear/Minor Cloud Cover, High 15c    Apr 3, 2046 AD    Circulation 1, Volume 1, Issue  15

 Conflict information:

March 18: 4 independent reports of booby-trapped robots exploding when they are searched after being disabled.  2 people seriously hurt in explosions.
March 23: Large skirmish near New York leaves robot army decimated.  Successful ambush credited with minimal casualties on human/animal side.
March 26: New flying machines sighted on western seaboard.  Appear to have better targeting abilities than previous machines.
April 2: small robot army sighted south of Chicago.  30 infantry, 3 tanks, 3 hover-cannons, 2 hunter seekers.

Mission Assignment:

Joshua Company:
April 3: “Home sweet home”: Locate new base of operations in Milwaukee. 4 preliminary sites located.
April 8-12: “Mr. Clean”: sweep Milwaukee grid for hostile animals.  Eliminate any encountered animals.  Gather robot intelligence – do not engage Robots.
April 23: “Dude, where’s my car”: Intelligence indicates new robot transfer station established 8km north of Milwaukee.  Primary objective: Eliminate local defenses and acquire hover platform.  Deliver platform to Tango Company 23km east of transfer station.  Secondary objective: acquire new technology, destroy transfer station.  MISSION SPECIFICS TO FOLLOW.

World Information:

Last Game Highlights – Oct 13, 299 AA