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Games from Our Collection

I'm always interested in good games... hearing reviews about games or seeing a set of games that someone enjoys, when I know I like some of them, is useful in helping me to find other games I might be interested in.

So, here are most of the games we own and possibly some detailed information on them... how much we like them, how they play, etc.  If you disagree (or agree) with anything here and want to tell me about it, go to the clanperez home page and send us mail.

Here's my list of good 2 player games: Carcassonne - The Castle, Very Clever Pipe Game, Chez Geek, Dungeoneer: Tomb of the Lich Lord, Dungeoneer: Vault of the Fiends, Munchkin, Space Munchkin, The Hobbit, Carcassonne - Hunters and Gatherers, Settler's of Catan Card Game, Starship Catan.
Here's my list of good 4/5 player games: Lord of the Fries, Lunch Money, Citadels, Fossil, Poleconomy, Starfarers of Catan, Settlers of Catan, Seafarers of Catan, Roborally, Talisman.

Another good source of game ideas is the  Game Manufacturer's Association (GAMA) Origin Awards for the best games of the year.  Here's another site for game ideas: BoardGameGeek.

Here is our complete inventory of games.