Automotive Magazines for Sale

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All items are from a pet and smoke free home.

Last update: Jan 21, 2005

Definitions used for magazine descriptions:

Cost of Shipping & Handling:

Continental US To Canada
All amounts are in $US. Note that I ship in a bubble pack when you want 4 magazines or less. 1 Magazine $4.00 $2.50

2 Magazines $5.00 $2.50

3 Magazines $8.00 $4.25

Please inquire about larger quantity shipping, insurance and/or shipping outside Canada & US.  Checks and money orders accepted with restrictions.  Please inquire if using these methods. Paypal and bidpay accepted.  Go to the clanperez home page to get in touch with me.

Magazine Name Month Condition Tending to Cost Notes
American Rodding March-65 G
American Rodding December-66 VG
Car and Driver February-73 G
$2.50 Front cover missing, back cover not attached
Car Craft August-60 EX NM $3.50
Car Craft December-71 VG EX $3.50
Car Life November-66 VG EX $3.50
Car Life January-69 VG
$3.50 Back cover missing, front cover not attached
Circle Track June-83 NM EX $3.50
Circle Track January-84 EX NM $3.50
Custom Rodder March-57 VG
$3.00 Small Rips at staple
Hot Cars May-70 VG
$3.50 Front Cover Detached
Hot Rod May-54 F G $3.00
Hot Rod July-54 VG G $3.00 Cover coming off
Hot Rod October-54 G VG $3.00
Hot Rod December-54 G VG $3.00
Hot Rod May-56 VG
Hot Rod January-58 VG
Hot Rod March-59 VG
$4.00 Pencil marks
Hot Rod September-59 G VG $3.00
Hot Rod January-60 VG EX $3.50
Hot Rod October-60 G F $2.50
Hot Rod April-62 G VG $2.50
Hot Rod June-62 F G $2.50
Hot Rod September-63 VG
Hot Rod November-63 G VG $2.50
Hot Rod December-63 VG G $3.50
Hot Rod May-67 G
Hot Rod January-68 VG G $3.50
Hot Rod February-68 VG EX $3.50
Hot Rod September-69 VG EX $3.50
Hot Rod May-70 G VG $2.50
Hot Rod September-71 EX NM $3.50
Hot Rod February-73 VG
Hot Rod December-73 EX VG $3.50
Hot Rod August-83 VG
$3.50 Cover detached
Model Car and Track April-67 VG EX $3.50
Motor Life July-61 EX NM $3.50
Motor Speed June-57 VG
Motor Trend July-52 VG EX $4.00
Popular Hot Rodding April-71 EX
$3.50 Large rip at spine
Popular Hot Rodding January-72 VG EX $3.50
Popular Hot Rodding August-76 VG EX $3.50
Road and Track October-85 G VG $2.50
Rod and Custom December-56 VG EX $3.00
Rod Builder and Customizer August-59 G
Rodder and Super/Stock September-73 VG EX $3.50 Small Rips at staple
Speed Age July-52 VG EX $4.00
Sports Car Graphic September-66 G VG $2.50
Sports Cars Illustrated September-57 EX VG $4.00
Sports Cars Illustrated October-57 EX
Sports Cars Illustrated June-58 EX VG $4.00
Sports Cars Illustrated June-59 EX VG $4.00
Super Stock and Drag Illustrated March-67 EX NM $3.50
The Autocar May-50 G VG $3.00
The Autocar April-52 G
The Motor December-49 G
The Motor Cycle December-50 G

Mechanix Illustrated April-47 G VG $3.50
Mechanix Illustrated January-48 G F $3.50 Front and back cover missing
Mechanix Illustrated March-48 G VG $3.50
Mechanix Illustrated November-52 G VG $3.00
Popular Mechanics November-39 VG
$5.00 Cover has been taped up
Popular Science November-68 EX NM $3.50
Science and Mechanics October-47 G F $3.00 Front and back cover missing
Science and Mechanics April-58 EX NM $3.50