Shipping and Payment Information

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Last update: June 8, 2005

If you want to buy anything and can't pick it up, you'll have to have it shipped to you.  In this case, you must pay all shipping costs.  You can decide the shipping form (ground, air, expedited, etc.) and whether or not you want insurance or parcel tracking.  See the magazine page for specifics on the cost of shipping magazines.  For all other items, the shipping cost is the actual shipping cost that Canada Post charges + $3.  You can pay by certified cheque, bank or postal money order, bank transfer or paypal.  Note that all prices are the cash discounted prices.  Paying using a non-cash form incurs an extra $1 surcharge (i.e. not using a certified cheque, money order or bank transfer).

Note for US customers using money orders:  You must use a money order that is negotiable in Canada.  If you get them from the post offices, the negotiable ones are the "International Money Order" ones, and not the "green ones" which are not negotiable in Canada.  Ask your post office if you aren't sure.

Also note that all prices except for the magazines are in CDN dollars.  If you wish to pay in US funds, we will use the conversion rate that my bank would give me on the day you inquire about the cost.  Here is a link to the current rate at my bank, the TD Bank.

And finally, all prices are final.  Please, no bartering or requests for bulk discounts.

Previous sales have included: